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Download Soal Siap UTS Matematika Kelas 7 SMP Semester 1 Terbaru

Soal UTS/ Mid Semester Ganjil Mapel Matematika Kelas 7 SMP Salam sejahtera bagi kita semua. Kami harap Anda selalu dalam keadaan sehat dan berbahagia. Pada sebaran materi kali ini, kami mengadirkan tulisan yang berjudul Download Soal Siap UTS Matematika Kelas 7 SMP Semester 1 Terbaru. Bagi Anda yang sedang mencari materi mapel Matematika guna persiapan menghadapi UTS ganjil/ semester 1 ini, kiranya materi contoh soal UTS 1 Matematika ini bisa digunakan sebagai salah satu pelengkap dan pengaya materi dalam menghadapi UTS 1 pada tahun ajaran ini.
Langsung saja kami sebar tautan untuk mengunduh file tersebut, selamat mendownload: Link Download Disini
Download Soal Siap UTS Matematika Kelas 7 SMP Semester 1 Terbaru

Berikutnya kami cuplikkan beberapa contoh soal Mid/ UTS 1 mapel Matematika tersebut di bawah ini:

Mata Pelajaran : Matematika
Kelas : VII (Tujuh)
Skor / Nilai :
Hari/Tanggal :
Waktu : Menit

4. Arti dari perpangkatan (-n) 4 adalah..…

Spiderman Box Setup Latest 2017 Free Download Full

Spiderman Box Setup Latest: To flash a mobile is not a joke. If you don't know how about flashing of your mobile, then don't perform this task and flashing should be considered seriously. Before doing this activity you should have some knowledge about how to flash a mobile. Flashing of the mobile means to refresh the device and during this refreshing process each and everything in the mobile, like phots, contacts, messages and videos are deleted completed, the reason is that after successful flashing of your mobile, it will restore in its original or factory or default settings. If, you haven't taken any backup and performed the flashing of your mobile, then you will lost all of your precious data from your mobile and in such a situation, it will be very difficult for you to recover your data. Therefore, it is suggested to take a backup of your data before flashing of your mobile. having a little knowledge about flashing, you can easily flash your mobile.  Spiderman box set…

ZenFone Tips: "Insufficient storage available" When Installing Apps

If you're seeing an "Insufficient storage available" message on your Android, chances are that you've used up most of your device's available memory. To rectify this, you'll need to make some space by deleting apps and/or media; you can also add external storage, such as a Micro SD card, to your phone. In some cases, however, this error shows up even when you have plenty of space. If this is the case, you can restart your phone, reset your apps' caches, or reset the Google Play Store to resolve this issue. Or if you're using ZenFone you may try this troubleshooting:
Follow methods below for troubleshooting: Uninstall apps that are not often used: Settings>Apps> (Select an app you want to remove) Uninstall. Move apps that are stored in internal storage to SD card: Settings>Apps>Tap MOVEABLE >Select an app > Move to SD card. Change default location of app installation to SD card: Settings >ASUS customized settings> App installation s…

How to Enter Recovery Mode, Wipe Cache and Wipe Data on ASUS Zenfone 4 Pro, Max, Selfie

Today Asus Zenfone Blog will teach you How to Enter Recovery Mode, Wipe Data via recovery and Wipe Cache on ASUS Zenfone 4, ZenFone 4 Pro, ZenFone 4 Selfie, ZenFone 4 Max.

What is recovery?  In Android, recovery refers to the dedicated, bootable partition that has the recovery console installed.  A combination of key presses (or instructions from a command line) will boot your phone to recovery, where you can find tools to help repair (recover) your installation as well as install official OS updates. 
Entering Recovery Mode on ASUS ZenFone 4Power Off your ZenFone 4 After Completely turn off Press Volume Down + Power, and there will be Recovery Mode Power button to choose and Volume up/down to move highlight Wipe Data ASUS ZenFone 4 Enter Recovery ModeChoose wipe data/factory resetThis action will remove all data from your deviceWipe Cache ASUS ZenFone 4Enter Recovery ModeChoose Wipe cache partitionThis action will remove phone cache

Blackberry Desktop Manager Software for PC Free Download v7.1.0 For Windows

Blackberry is one of the mindblowing brand in the world. Blackberry mobile phones are attractive, expensive, nice looking,smart, and slim which is liked by people. These mobiles are quick responsive, therefore, its demand is increasing day by day around the globe. Generally, these mobiles are sold by their name. These mobiles work for a long time without creating any software or hardware issues. If you wish to manage your contacts, videos, audios, photos, iTunes, images from your PC, then it is necessary that you have to install Blackberry desktop manager software on your Windows. This powerful tool will allow to manage all your task from your PC.  Blackberry desktop manager software will allow you to synchronize your blackberry smartphone with your PC,windows where you can perform the task you wanted. The latest version of blackberry desktop manager software is v7.1.0 at the time of this publication. With the passage of time the officials of blackberry are habitual of releasing new upd…

Converge ICT FiberX Unlimited Fiber Plan Compared To PLDT, Globe and Sky Broadband

Before, we only have DSL/landline, Wireless Broadband, USB Dongle or Cable as an option for subscribing an internet plan. Now, another internet technology was introduced to us, which is the Fiber internet connection. This Fiber internet connection is an internet access through fiber-optic lines. What makes this different from other internet connections, unlike DSL and cable internet services that transmit electrical information through copper lines, fiber-optic lines use tiny strands of plastic or glass (just slightly thicker than a single human hair) to carry binary transmissions of light. Binary is a number system where the combination of only two numbers (0 being “off” and 1 being “on”) represent more complex symbols or instructions. This method of data transmission makes fiber internet the best option for fast speeds from 5MBPS to 1GBPS and its reliability.
In the Philippines, Fiber internet connection is one of the growing popularity in terms of internet subscription. Among these …

ASUS ZenFone 4 Pro: The World’s First Commercial Smartphone to Feature Gigabit Connectivity

Qualcomm Technologies announced that its Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Mobile Platforms will power the ASUS ZenFone 4 Pro with gigabit connectivity. The world’s first commercial smartphone to feature Gigabit LTE and 802.11ad multi-gigabit Wi-Fi technologies, delivering ultra-fast virtually seamless gigabit connectivity indoors and on the go.
Integrated into the Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform, the Snapdragon X16 Gigabit LTE modem gives the ZenFone 4 Pro the ability to execute blazing-fast download speeds over 4G LTE, on a compatible LTE network, and superior signal quality with Qualcomm® TruSignal™ dual-antenna technology for extended coverage. Qualcomm Technologies’ 11ad Wi-Fi allows users to download and share 4k videos in seconds, sync their photos, videos and other files with blazing speed, and enjoy fast access to cloud services. Moreover, when users connect other devices, such as laptops, with the phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot feature the Snapdragon mobile platform is designed to provide end-to-e…

Download Official Firmware Mito A91 PAC File Free

Free Download Official Firmware Mito A91 PAC File for Unbrick and Repair stuck on Logo.
Flash Mito A91 Using ResearchDownload/UpgradeDownload and other SPD Tool.

type: ROM size: 664MB
md5: f3588595777102213f940a6bf5811195
password: Firmware27
Tutorial Flash

Model Name  : A91
Model Brand : MITO
Model Device: A91
AndrVersion : 6.0
BaseBand CPU: SP7731CEA
Project Ver : MITO_A91_20170508_648_B1T12
Model Ext   : MITO A91

[FW_READER] : Reading Firmware Now ...

[Read Ok] : u-boot-spl-16k.bin
[Read Ok] : u-boot.bin
[Read Ok] : prodnv.img
[Read Ok] : sc7731C_CP0_modem.bin
[Read Ok] : DSP_DM_Gx.bin
[Read Ok] : nvitem_w.bin
[Read Ok] : sc8830g_modem_CP2_WCN_Trunk_W16.28.5_Release.bin
[Read Ok] : nvitem_wcn.bin
[Read Ok] : logo_480x854.bin
[Read Ok] : fblogo_480x854.bin
[Read Ok] : boot.img
[Read Ok] : system.img
[Read Ok] : sysinfo.img
[Build Ok] : cache.img
[Read Ok] : recovery.img
[Build Ok] : userdata.img

AndroidInfo created
Firmware Size : 1938 MiB
Saved to : C:\Users\Ariefati\Document…

How to Unlock Pattern, PIN, Password Without Factory Reset or Without Losing Data on Android

Today, I would like to draw your kind attention towards an important topic which relates to android devices. As you know better that all of us or most of us, use patterns, PIN or Passwords to lock their device, so that any one could not see their private stuff.  Some times, you forget your Pattern, PIN or Password, and at that time, it is very difficult for you to open your device. When there is an emergency and you want to use your mobile and, at that time if you don;t know what was your pattern, PIN or password, then it could be the crucial situation for you. When you enter wrong Pattern, PIN or Password more then its predetermined time, your device will be blocked.   There are many ways to recover or by-pass your device password. Today, in this page, I am going to share with you about how to by-pass android PIN, Pattern or Password without losing the data on the device.

Required files You need to download Aroma file managerSD card for your device and Your android smart phone either loc…

Soal Latihan UTN PLPG 2017

Persyaratan peserta sertifikasi guru saat ini semakin berat. Setelah mengikuti kegiatan PLPG, peserta diharuskan mengikuti tes UTN PLPG 2017. Tidak main-main, passing grade yang dipatok pemerintah adalah 80. Jika peserta PLPG tidak bisa mencapai nilai tersebut, maka sudah dipastikan belum akan menerima tunjangan sertifikasi.
Berikut ini, merupakan prediksi soal UTN PLPG 2017. Soal ini disusun oleh Tim Focus Inter-Study Joneponto. Soal prediksi ini telah dilengkapi dengan pembahasan. Semoga soal ini bisa memberikan gambaran tentang soal UTN PLPG 2017.
Download soal Latihan UTN PLPG 2017
Link Download : DOWNLOAD Password : resmi Sumber :

Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Ulangan Harian Materi Teks Eksemplum (Bag. 2)

Kali ini kita akan melanjutkan contoh soal ulangan harian materi Teks Eksemplum. Semoga bisa membantu.
1. Bacalah kutipan teks berikut! Pada kesempatan ini, aku akan menceritakan pengalaman pribadiku. Aku akan memberikannya sebagai motivasi kepada para pembaca atas pengalaman yang pernah terjadi.

Pernyataan tersebut menjelaskan .... A. tujuan cerita B. makna cerita C. awal cerita D. pengenalan cerita
Bacalah teks berikut untuk menjawab soal nomor 2 dan 4. Ketika itu, aku masih duduk di sekolah menengah pertama (SMP). Aku seorang siswa yang suka menyontek dan agak pemalas. Motivasi belajarku begitu rendah. Aku belajar hanya pada saat-saat ujian. Aku juga terlalu mengharapkan bantuan dari teman, baik itu pada saat ujian ada tugas maupun saat ujian.
2. Selain mengenalkan latar waktu, cuplikan di atas menjelaskan .... A. karakter aku B. alur peristiwa C. insiden-insiden D. makna atas kejadian
3. Kata-kata yang dapat mewakili cuplikan cerita di atas adalah .... A. aku memiliki motivasi belajar yang rendah…

HTTP Injector No Load No EHI for Globe, TM, Smart, TNT and Sun

HTTP Injector is a very popular android tunneling app used for mobile internet in the Philippines. It secures users internet connection with SSH Tunnel. HTTP Injector is commonly used with EHI to connect, whether for anonymity or free internet purposes. There's other way now to connect HTTP Injector to internet without using EHI, which is known as HTTP Injector No Load No EHI procedure. This procedure can be done with Globe, TM, Smart, TNT and Sun and requires some luck because this doesn't work to all locations.
Tutorial for HTTP Injector No Load No EHI for Globe, TM, Smart, TNT and Sun
Requirements: * Android Phone or Device with sim slot (3G/4G/LTE capable) * HTTP Injector from Google Playstore * Globe, TM, Smart, TNT and Sun sim (Default APN Settings) * No load, No EHI required * Luck (because connecting successfully is only a chance)
Procedure: 1. Download HTTP Injector for Android and have it installed to your phone. 2. Set your data connection to 3G, 4G or LTE. 3. Turn On your Mob…

Contoh Soal Ulangan Harian Teks Eksemplum (Bag. 1)

Kali ini admin akan bagikan contoh soal ulangan harian teks eksemplum. Semoga apa yang admin bagikan ini dapat membantu dalam mencari referensi soal ulangan harian. Selamat belajar.
1. Bacalah kutipan teks berikut. Ketika aku masih SMA, ada tes berenang. Kejadian tahun 2002. Lokasinya di sebuah kolam renang wisata yang lumayan jauh dari sekolah. Teks di atas tidak mengenalkan .... A. tokoh B. waktu kejadian C. tempat kejadian D. alur peristiwa
Bacalah teks berikut untuk menjawab soal nomor 2 dan 3. Sesampainya di lokasi, aku tidak ikut berenang. Aku hanya tebar pesona di pinggir kolam dengan setelan lengkap alias tidak buka baju. Kemudian, ada tiga bocah setingkat SD juga ikut berenang. Nah, aku langsung memanfaatkannya kesempatan itu supaya orang-orang di tempat itu makin terpesona melihat aku. Aku berpura-pura menjadi instruktur renang.
2. Kalimat yang menjelaskan tema cuplikan di atas adalah .... A. aku instruktur renang. B. aku tebar pesona  C. aku biasa berenang D. aku senang mengerjai orang

Download Firmware SPC L50 Prima PAC Free

Free Download Firmware SPC L50 Prima PAC file, Flash using ReasearchDownload, Upgrade Download and other SPD Tool.

Model Name  : SPC_L50
Model Brand : SPC
Model Device: SPC_L50
AndrVersion : 7.0
BaseBand CPU: SPC
Project Ver : SPC_L50_V08_08092017
Model Ext   : L50

type: ROM size: 1.1GB
md5: fdda7f9e5b4c7822bf39102a28495ffd
Password: Firmware27

[FW_READER] : Reading Firmware Now ...

[Read Ok] : u-boot-spl-16k.bin
[Read Ok] : u-boot.bin
[Read Ok] : prodnv.img
[Read Ok] : nvitem_l.bin
[Read Ok] : sc983x_cp1.bin
[Read Ok] : DSP_DM_Gx.bin
[Read Ok] : DSP_DM_Gx.bin
[Read Ok] : l__WPH_arm7.bin
[Read Ok] : PM_arm7_sys.bin
[Read Ok] : logo_480x854.bin
[Read Ok] : fblogo_480x854.bin
[Read Ok] : wcn_fdl.bin
[Read Ok] : AA_MARLIN.bin
[Read Ok] : boot.img
[Read Ok] : trustos.bin
[Read Ok] : vmm.bin
[Read Ok] : system.img
[Read Ok] : sysinfo.img
[Build Ok] : cache.img
[Read Ok] : recovery.img
[Build Ok] : userdata.img

Download Official Firmware Oppo A71 CPH1717 Free

Free Download Official Firmware Oppo A71 CPH1717 ofp file, Scatter file and OTA firmware for Unbrick and repair stuck on Logo.
Flash Oppo A71 CPH1717 using DownloadTool, Sp-FlashTool and other MTK Tool.

A71 CPH1717 CPB file
type: ROM size: 1.9GB
md5: a2f2aa5266f5c942b757dda1c8771ee7
Password: firmware27
file info:

OTA Firmware
type: ROM size: 1.7GB
md5: e9023593c17b586551f85815a6f178f2

A71 CPH1717 Scatter file
type: ROM size: 2GB
md5: 235cb0dab6ef59e91ca0bc12d75af17f
password: firmware27
file info:

Phoenix Service Software Cracked (Noka Flashing Software) 2017 Free Download For Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista

Phoenix Service Software is a powerful setup which can easily be used for flashing of Nokia Phones with a USB data cable. This amazing and updated tool is available from the link shared below. The link shared below is updated and well working. It is also tested and trustable, also free of dangerous viruses.  You are not need to be worried about the link whether the link is well working or not. We always try our best to provide trustable, and official download links. The developers of this unique tool release new updates for old setups time by time. Therefore, be optimistic and you can flash easily your Nokia phone using Phoenix Service Software tool for free. Steps to download and install latest and updated Phoenix Service Software Download Phoenix Service Software from the link shared belowInstall Phoenix Service Software on your computerConnect your phone to your computer via USB data cableChoose flash file for your selected phone andStart flashing your phone.As our visitors are well a…

Jadwal Penting UNBK SMP, SMA, dan SMK Tahun 2018 Puspendik

Kali ini admin akan bagikan Jadwal Penting UNBK 2018 Puspendik. Semoga bisa membantu. Terima kasih.

I. Simulasi II a. Batas pendataan dan penetapan sekolah UNBK tanggal 25 Januari 2018.
b. Batas atur server dan sesi tanggal 26 s.d 31 Januari 2018.
c. Persiapan data di Pusat tanggal 1 s.d 8 Februari 2018.
d. Sinkronisasi
SMK tanggal 9 s.d 10 Februari 2018SMA tanggal 16 s. d 17 Februari 2018SMP tanggal 23 s.d 24 Februari 2018Simulasi hari 1 dan 2a. SMK tanggal 13 s.d 14 Februari 2018
b. SMA tanggal 20 s.d 21 Februari 2018
c. SMP tanggal 27 s.d 28 Februari 2018

II. Simulasi III (Gladi bersih)
a. Batas atur server
SMK dan SMA tanggal 24 Februari 2018.SMP tanggal 11 Maret 2018. b. Persiapan data di pusat
SMK dan SMA tanggal 25 Februari s.d 2 Maret 2018.SMP tanggal 12 s. d 16  Maret 2018.c. Sinkronisasi
SMK tanggal 3 s. d 4 Maret 2018SMA tanggal 10 s. d 11 Maret 2018SMP tanggal 17 s. d 18 Maret 2018d. Simulasi hari ke-1 dan hari ke-2
SMK tanggal 6 s.d 7 Maret 2018SMA tanggal 13 s. d 14 Maret 2018SMP tang…

Motorola All In One Flash Tool/Softwarel Free Download 2017

Flashing of any android cell phone is a sensitive issue and every one can|t do this job, and it is a risky task. In an untrained person perform this task, without knowing the basics of flashing, may lose his mobile, and he can get a bricked phone after flashing of his mobile. So, process of flashing should be take up as a serious issue. If you don't know how flashing is done, then you should not take the risk. Having a little bit experience in flashing, you can do the job very easily. Here we have shared very brilliant tool which is used for flashing all Motorola mobiles. We are sharing free and official site download links so you can manage it easily. Flashing of mobiles does at those stage if your mobiles are working slow or completely break with the reason of its outdated or corrupted firmware. You can use latest flash files of your mobile for flashing. After flashing your mobile will restored in its original settings so you will need to take a backup of your important data lik…

Contoh Soal Ulangan Harian Pilihan Ganda Teks Iklan, Slogan, dan Poster Revisi Terbaru

Kali ini admin akan bagikan kepada teman-teman semua contoh soal pilihan ganda materi teks iklan, slogan, dan poster revisi terbaru.
1. Teks iklan merupakan media komunikasi yang biasanya dapat dilihat di .... A. jurnal ilmiah B. teks laporan C. teks berita D. surat kabar
2. Bahasa teks iklan selalu menggugah pembaca atau pendengarnya. Jadi, bahasa teks iklan bersifat .... A. naratif B. ekspositoris C. persuasif D. deskriptif
3. Berikut ini yang termasuk teks slogan motivasi adalah .... A. siapa yang bersabar, dia pasti mendapatkan keberuntungan. B. buku yang bermanfaat merupakan teman sejati. C. perangi narkoba guna masa depan yang lebih baik. D. kebersihan adalah bagian dari iman.
Teks poster berikut untuk nomor 4 dan 5.
4. Teks poster tersebut termasuk ....
A. poster pendidikan
B. poster penerangan
C. poster kegiatan
D. poster niaga

5. Teks poster tersebut berisi ajakan untuk melaksanakan ....
A. kerja bakti
B. gotong royong
C. kemah
D. penghijauan

UTS 1 IPA Kelas 9 SMP Semester 1 TA 2017/2018

UTS 1 IPA Kelas 9 SMP Semester 1 TA 2016/2017
1.  Perhatikan Tabel berikut ! No Besaran Alat Ukur Satuan 1. Kuat arus
2. Suhu
3. Panjang
4. Massa

     Basaran Alat ukur dan satuan dalam SI yang benar ditunjukan pada nomor ……      a. 1,2,3 dan 4                            b. 1,2, dan 3      c. 1 dan 3          d. 2 dan 4
2.  Batu bermassa 400 gram dimasukan dalam gelas berpancuran seperti pada gambar. Air yang tumpah karena terdesak batu di tampung pada bejana. Massa jenis batu adalah …… a. 0,25 gr/cm2