Air Internet : Converge ICT No Data Cap Internet Plan Bundled With Cable TV

Air Internet : Converge ICT No Data Cap Internet Plan Bundled With Cable TV

Air Internet by Converge ICT is a No Data Cap Internet Plan Bundled with Cable TV, for as low as 1299 Pesos, you can get unlimited internet with a speed of 5 MBPS bundled with Cable TV. Converge ICT (formerly known as ComClark) offers Air Internet in several areas only (you can check them below). If your area is included in their service coverage, this internet plan is probably the best choice for you. Don't think twice, there's no other ISP that offers cheap unlimited internet plan like this.

Converge ICT strives to deliver fast reliable internet service to its clients so there's no doubt that this Air Internet will make you satisfied. You can enjoy all internet activities like never before. Watch unlimited funny videos on YouTube or Daily Motion. If you have paid subscription, you can binge-watch on your favorite show or drama in Netflix, iflix, HOOQ, NBA League Pass, Cartoon Network and Disney. Browse Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with no limits. Play your favorite online games in computer like Ragnarok, League of Legends, DOTA 2 with low ping and in android like Mobile Legends and EverWing. Download anything you want with fast speeds. Plus enjoy its CABLE TV inclusion, watch your favorite cable channel anytime together with your friends or family.

Converge Air Internet has a lock-in period of 24 months or 2 years which is better than other ISPs that requires 36 months or 3 years contract. Air Internet is a cable type of internet so it is assured that you can get a stable and fast internet speed unlike wireless connections which are unstable due to signal dependency.

See below the complete list of Air Internet Plans and choose what plan suits your lifestyle without hurting your pocket.

Air Internet Rates and Packages

Air Internet + Cable TV Package

Bundled with AIR299 = 1299 Pesos
Bundled with AIR499 = 1499 Pesos
Bundled with AIR699 = 1699 Pesos

Bundled with AIR299 = 1549 Pesos
Bundled with AIR499 = 1749 Pesos
Bundled with AIR699 = 1949 Pesos

Bundled with AIR299 = 1799 Pesos
Bundled with AIR499 = 1999 Pesos
Bundled with AIR699 = 2199 Pesos

Bundled with AIR299 = 2799 Pesos
Bundled with AIR499 = 2999 Pesos
Bundled with AIR699 = 3199 Pesos

Bundled with AIR299 = 3799 Pesos
Bundled with AIR499 = 3999 Pesos
Bundled with AIR699 = 4199 Pesos

Air Cable TV Add-ons details:

58SD + 18HD channels
Add 299 Pesos/month

90SD + 25HD channels
Add 499 Pesos/month

116SD + 41SD channels
Add 699 Pesos/month

SD stands for Standard Definition, HD stands for High Definition

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Air Cable Channels List (SD and HD Channels)

Video formats are mostly on 16:9 and 1080i screen resolution.
1 Pay Per View, 2 ABS CBN 2, 3 PEP TV, 4 PTV 4, 5 TV 5, 6 UFM 105.5, 7 GMA 7, 8 PBO (Pinoy Box Office), 9 CNN Philippines, 10 UNTV, 11 GMA News TV, 12 knowledge Channel, 13 IBC 13, 14 Channel V, 15 ABS CBN Sports, 16 CineMax, 17 Net 25, 18 DZMM Teleradyo, 19 Cinema One, 20 EWTN, 21 BBC World News, 22 SONY Channel, 23 INC TV, 24 Channel News Asia, 25 NBA Premium TV, 26 MYX, 27 2nd Avenue, 28 CNN, 29 ETC, 30 Fox Sports, 31 Nat Geo Channel, 32 HBO, 33 Jack TV, 34 Fox Sports 2, 35 CCTV 4, 36 Star Movies, 37 Cartoon Network, 38 Discovery Channel, 39 Viva Channel, 40 Star World, 41 Travel & Living, 42 History Channel, 43 ANC, 44 GNN, 45 Fashion TV, 46 Nickelodeon, 47 Disney Channel, 48 Diva Universal, 49 Lifestyle Network, 50 AXN, 51 Star Channel, 52 Fox News, 53 Animal Planet, 54 Basketball TV, 55 CI (Crime Investigation), 56 Solar Sports, 57 Bloomberg TV, 58 ABS CBN Pampanga, 59 DWTV, 60 Phoenix Chinese, 61 Fujian TV, 62 CTV, 63 TTV, 64 Star Chinese Movies, 65 Xing Kong, 66 BS Premium, 67 BS1, 68 CTS, 69 TV 5 Monde Asie, 70 TVE, 71 CLTV 36, 72 YTN, 73 Star Utsav, 74 Kalaignar TV, 75 CCTV News, 76 Arirang, 77 Saudi Arabian TV, 78 Australia Plus TV, 79 Al Jazeera, 80 Pinoy Extreme, 81 Hero, 82 Hyper, 83 Universal Ch, 84 Jeepney TV, 85 FYI, 86 PBA Rush, 87 Disney Junior, 88 Fox Channel, 89 Tru TV, 90 Fox Action Movie, 91 Eurosport, 92 Sony Gem, 93 Baby First TV, 94 Warner TV, 95 Screen RED, 96 CT, 97 TMC, 98 Outdoor Channel, 99 Radio Maria, 100 TV Maria, 101 Animax, 102 E!, 103 Discovery World, 104 Lifetime Asia, 105 Comedy Channel, 106 History 2, 107 Aksyon TV, 108 Fox Filipino, 109 Nat Geo Wild, 110 Fuji TV, 111 NHK World, 112 Syly, 113 Nat Geo People, 114 RTL CBS Entertainment, 115 Light Network, 116 SMNI, 117 Thrill, 118 Channel M, 119 Kix, 120 AMC, 200 Fox Sports 3 HD, 201 HBO HD, 202 FFM HD, 203 NBA HD, 204 FMP HD, 205 NGC HD, 206 Nat Geo Wild HD, 207 Nat Geo People HD, 208 Outdoor HD, 209 Fox Crime HD, 210 FX HD, 211 Baby TV HD, 212 Mororvision, 213 HBO Hits HD, 214 HBO Sig HD, 215 HBO Family HD, 216 DW HD, 217 Boolberg HD, 218 FYI HD, 219 CI HD, 220 History HD, 221 RTL: CBS 1 HD, 222 RTL CBS 2 HD, 223 Fight Sports HD, 224 FAM HD, 225 Cinemax HD, 226 Red HD, 227 CNN HD, 228 Warner TV HD, 229 Tru TV HD, 230 CC HD, 231 Colours HD, 232 Animal Planet HD, 233 Hyper HD, 234 FTV HD, 235 Kix HD, 236 PCC HD, 237 NHK World HD, 238 Hits HD, 239 PBA Rush HD, 240 Eurosport HD

Air Internet Application Requirements

1. Valid ID (any of the following)
Driver’s License
Postal ID
Voter’s ID
Company ID

2. Proof of Billing (any of the following)
Electric Bill
Water Bill
Telephone Bill
Credit Card Statement
Other Utility Bill

3. Required initial payment (advanced payment equivalent to 1 month of the plan you've chosen)

Air Internet Service Area

PAMPANGA: Metro Angeles, Bacolor, Clark, Mabalacat, Magalang, Porac, San Fernando, Candaba, Sta Ana, San Luis, Arayat, Pandacaqui
BULACAN: San Rafael, Baliuag, Guiguinto, Plaridel, Pulilan, San Ildefonso, Pandi, Sta Maria
TARLAC: Bamban, Capas, Concepcion, Tarlac City, San Clemente
BATAAN: Hermosa, Orani, Limay/Mariveles, Dinalupihan, Morong, Balanga

To inquire about Air Internet you can visit Air Internet Inquiry Page, just input all the required details or you can message them on their Facebook Page - Air Cable. For other Converge ICT Plans, you can visit Converge ICT for Home official website.