How to Flashing Xiaomi Mi 5X Firmware with MiFlash Tool

Android Service - Tutorial / How to Flashing Latest Firmware Xiaomi Mi 5X Tifanny Image with MiFlash tool. using the Fastboot Mode Method. such as Hard Brick, Bootloop, failed rooting, misplaced applications, viruses from installed applications, touch screen problems, slow mobile loading, Mobile restart itself until Boot Loop. can be completed by updating the stock firmware rom directly from your android, as long as not affected by hardware damage, various kinds of problems in android can be resolved by way of Flash Repeat. Before Update Stock Rom Firmware Xiaomi Mi 5X. Make sure your batre is filled at least 50-70 percent.

Next Preparation Before Flash Update Stock Rom Xiaomi Mi 5X
  1.     MiPhone Tool
  2.     ADB Driver
  3.     Latest Stable China Firmware Xiaomi Mi 5X Tifanny_image Here
  4.     Extrack .tgz file 2 times with 7zip to find all.bat file and other floder image

Flashing Firmware Tutorial Xiaomi Mi 5X Latest Rom:
  1.     Download and Extrack Stock Rom Xiaomi Mi 5X Rom Stable
  2.     Install MiPhone Tool and adb driver
  3.     Copy letakan on the desktop extract the firmware
  4.     Open MiFlash.exe select browse
  5.     Navigate to the firmware on the desktop
  6.     Select Advanced, on Fastboot scrip browse
  7.     Navigate to stock rom select flash_all_except_data_storage
  8.     Go to fastboot "Volume Down + Power"
  9.     Connect the device to Computer
  10.     Select Refresh.
  11.     Select Flash
  12.     Let the Process last 5-10 minutes.
After Xiaomi Mi 5X flashing Finish The device will restart starting with the factory settings indicating you have succeeded in Flashing Update with the new Xiaomi Firmware.

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