Download OPPO Stock ROM Firmware All Complete and Newest Type

AzfirmwareComplete Stock ROM Firmware List OPPO
To do Flashing or Reinstall the System, then certainly the user needs Firmware or Stock ROM in accordance with OPPO type. And this time I will share the Collection of Firmware Or Stock ROM OPPO Smartphone Indonesia Complete. And just go ahead, you can check your own OPPO type below. For the size is usually around hundreds of MB, Tap Download button to download the latest System or ColorOS.

OPPO is one of China's leading smartphone vendors that currently has dominated the number of Android users in Indonesia. Interestingly, although OPPO comes from China but currently OPPO has established a factory in Indonesia with the name of the company PT. Always Happy Together. In addition, given the large number of OPPO users in Indonesia, the OPPO also opened Service Centers in many areas such as Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Semarang, Jember, Malang, Blitar, Lampung, and other cities.

Oppo Tools  an application which is dedicated to a handphone or smartphon android brand Oppo, which is useful to get a  root access and unroot. Oppo Tools is a multifunctional application created by Wuxianlin, where it says this tool or app only works on ColorOS or operating system android that is used on hp brand Oppo, with this Oppo Tools application you can do some things that may indeed where you need in Oppo smartphon activities you have. One of the advantages where if you want to install an application that does require root access such as cam record etc., but it would be nice we know in advance what is the root Karna what? besides to deepen you can also understand what is root? and its function?

How to Install OPPO Firmware
For OPPO users who feel confused in reinstalling the system (ColosOS) or Flashing HP OPPO, then I will help you flashing through the Recovery Mode menu. But before flashing, make sure you have downloaded the above Firmware according to the type of OPPO you have. And To Reinstall HP OPPO , please see the steps - steps below.
  1. The first step, if you have finished downloading the latest version of ColosOS according to your OPPO type, just copy the .Zip file to external memory or SD Card.
  2. Go to the OPPO recovery menu by press and hold down the "Volume Down + Power" button simultaneously until it appears in the bottom corner of the RECOVERY MODE screen and release both volume and power buttons. Wait a few moments Oppo will enter Recovery Mode menu.
  3. Pilh "Bahasa English" .
  4. Select "Wipe Data And Cache" »" Wipe Data And Cache "» confirm select "Yes" .
  5. Select "Install from SD" .
  6. Choose "From SD" .
  7. Click the Oppo Stock ROM you have input into the SD Card and Confirm select YES.
  8. OS Oppo Update Process will take place akam Updating, Please wait wait for OS OPPO update process to complete.
  9. After the system upgrade process is complete, your HP OPPO will flame by itself.
  10. Done.
Quite easy instead, by following the steps I wrote above, then your HP OPPO managed to get the latest OS from OPPO. If later options on recovery mode there is little difference, then you just adjust it. To re-install the above OPPO system you can apply to all types of OPPO.


ColorOS Latest Version

Thanks for visit this blog. Download OPPO Stock ROM Firmware All Complete and Newest Type 


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